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Attain Childhood Development Center.

2710 Staten Rd
Orlando, FL 32804
Telephone: (407) 985-2780
Fax: (877) 271-3193


For Students

  • Day school ages 5-22 – Center based (contracts with public school districts, private pay and McKay scholarship accepted)
  • Early Intervention ages 3-5 – Center based
  • Before/after school therapy – Center based
  • In Home Services

For Parents and Caregivers

  • Parent and caregiver training (Check for availability)
  • Workshops (Check for availability)

For Educators

  • Transition planning services with the new educational setting
  • Train the new educational setting on the students’ Behavior Support Plan.
  • Short term or ongoing classroom consultation with the new educational setting
  • Instructional support provided to the student by CDC Staff Members in the new educational setting (partial or full day)
  • The opportunity for the staff members from the new educational setting to work with the student at the CDC prior to beginning the transition
  • Additional hands on training, and workshops for the educational staff to enhance the capacity of the new educational environment to meet the needs of the transitioning student (check for availability)

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